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Bill Weasley
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6th-Jan-2008 12:28 pm - 14 Nov 1997
Bitten Anubis
Bill stands in the barn, doing his best to stay still in the last hour before moonrise, though his restlessness is apparent in the constant shifting of his weight and the stretching of his shoulders and back. One hand rises as if to rub over his scarred face, but then he forces it back down to his side.

He looks briefly at the door to Gus' room, which he and Charlie finished more than a week ago- a modest ensuite room but comfortable and warm. He's ignoring the caged-off part of the barn at the opposite end by keeping his back to it for now.

Quietly he speaks, "I know you don't need to be told, Rookwood, but he's a canny bastard."
8th-May-2007 10:14 pm - Seer's Predictions: A Translation
Two Lions
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I've left it without direct explanation for anyone who wants to puzzle it out. Feel free to ask questions or for clarification.
Needlessly Ginger
29 November: Bill is born.

12 December: Charlie is born

26 August: Percy is born.

Spring: Bill goes to stay with Uncle Gideon in London for a weekend. (RP of this Here)
06 Apr: Fleur is born.

01 April: FredandGeorge are born.

01 March: Ron is born.
April: Bill (and Charlie) write to Ged about his war injuries. (Letter and threads here)

21 January: Gideon and Fabian are murdered.
11 August: Ginny is born.

01 Sept: Bill starts at Hogwarts.

Summer: Charlie temporarily acquires a unicorn named Fizbee thus proving he's a girl.

01 Sept: Charlie starts at Hogwarts; Bill is in 3rd year (and using a timeturner to get to all of his classes).

July: Bill gets his first tattoo (the gemini) from a muggle artist in London.

June: Bill earns OWLs in all 12 subjects offered at Hogwarts.

April: Bill starts to date Owen Wood.

February: Bill gets caught having sex with Owen by McGonagall and Hooch.
June: Bill finishes his education at Hogwarts.
Sept: Bill starts training as a Cursebreaker; Owen goes to play for the Pride of Portree.

July: Bill gets a job in Egypt with Gringotts and gets his second tattoo (the twin dragons). (Fic about his leaving Here

June: Charlie finishes at Hogwarts and goes off to Romania.
Aug?: Bill goes to see Charlie in Romania.
Nov?: Bill finishes his first big, solitary job for Gringotts and gets third tattoo (the lions on his back), also meets Mesi and Mbizi.
Dec: Charlie is dating Jonah.

Feburary?: Bill moves in with Mesi and Mbizi.
April?: Goes to see Charlie in Romania again, gets his ear pierced.
May: Has an encounter with a seer. (Pensieve Memory and RP threads Here)
Sept: Ginny starts Hogwarts.

Summer: Weasley family visits Egypt; Twins try to lock Percy in pyramid; Charlie breaks Bill's jaw.

?: Charlie comes to see Bill in Egypt.
August: Attends the Quidditch World Cup, takes on DE's and injures his arm.

May: Meets Fleur before the third task.
June: Moves back to England, sharing a flat in London with other Gringotts employee Jack.
late June/early July: Writes to Fleur then goes to see her in Marseilles. Letters and threads Here
Summer: Charlie gets a girl (Tsura).
July: Meets Sirius.
late Nov: Lets his own flat off of Diagon.
21 Nov: Researches the Dark Mark (Letter and threads Here)
early Dec: Shows Fleur the flat.

Early: Charlie shags his girl.
Apr: FredandGeorge show up on Bill's doorstep after leaving school and stay with him until their flat is ready.
21 June: Sirius dies.
1 July: Gets his fourth tattoo (the black jackal on his hip).

Mar?: Buys a cottage with Fleur
May: Is mauled by Fenrir Greyback (Ginny's Memory of this Here)
21 Jun: Experiences his first full moon after the attack. (Medical Records Here)
2 Aug: Gets his fifth tattoo (foxglove around his left nippple) and Marries Fleur.
07 Oct: Visits Augustus Rookwood in Azkaban(Visitor request form and threads here)
20 Oct: Breaks Gus and 12 muggleborns out of Azkaban with Charlie (Newspaper clippings and threads here)
22 Oct: Gives Gus a box of Ged's things (Contents here)

March: Trio show up at Shell Cottage with cellar escapees.
May: Final Battle and Fred dies
June: Bill goes to Egypt with Charlie and gets his sixth tattoo (fireworks on his left arsecheek)
June: Bill finds out Fleur is pregnant with twins (Felice Briallen and Gisele Rhys)
23rd-Apr-2007 01:28 am - Prewett/Weasley Information (WiP)
Right, so per the suggestion of aillil, I'm collecting all the bits of Prewett and Weasley info I can to hide it away to help anyone interested in knowing what these wacky families are about at hex_files. This is information from threads and players and isn't 'official canon' but definitely what we're working from/with.

So comment here with dates, details, random stories, and I shall update the post as best I can. If i get creative I'll even repost with pretty colours or something.

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14th-Apr-2007 12:40 am - Threads
Blowing Kiss
A selection of conversations and interactions Bill has had.

With Fleur

With Fred
In the Hospital Ward after Fenrir's Attack
With the Death Eater who murders the pygmy puffs

With Gideon

With Ginny
About her dreams about Tom

With Luna
About Crosswords and Weasleys

With Severus

With Sirius

Misc. Threads:
With Prof Trelawney about her glasses
11th-Apr-2007 12:32 am - Relocated Mixer Threads!
Since the Mixer is eating our computers, I'm moving a few of my threads to here for continuance.
3rd-Jan-2007 12:21 pm - Basic Bill Facts
Blowing Kiss
Full Name: William Dafydd Weasley
William for his paternal grandfather and Dafydd for his maternal one.

Birthday: 29 November, 1970
Sagittarius: Gryffindors born under this sign are exuberant and full of good humour. They are intelligent, but often do not make the best of students, because they would rather be outside enjoying the fresh air or off studying on their own. They aren't good at diplomatic silence; if a teacher makes a mistake, the Gryffindor Sag will draw attention to it right away, usually loudly and in front of the entire class. At length. These students can get into trouble - their hot tempers make for easy dueling matches, and their impish senses of humour inspire a great many practical jokes. Still, they rarely mean anything malicious. They're too jovial to harbour malice. These Gryffindors are likeable extraverts, on good terms with practically everybody, and they generally do all right in the end. Many excellent Quidditch players come from this sign. From Harry Potter Astrology

Siblings: Oi, far too many sometimes.

Appearance: Tall and slim, red hair, blue eyes. He holds quite a tan when he's working in Egypt, though this is a tan for a redhead so it may mean less. His hair is long, typically back in a tail so his infamous fang earring is visible. The earring was a gift from Charlie and was done by Charlie's then boyfriend Jonah. He prefers Muggle clothes as they move easier and are more practical than looser robes. He practically lives in his dragon hide boots though, much to the dismay of his Mum as they aren't the cleanest boots in the world.
Bill got to his feet, smiling, and also shook Harry's hand. Bill came as something of a surprise. Harry knew that he worked for the wizarding bank, Gringotts, and that Bill had been Head Boy at Hogwarts; Harry had always imagined Bill to be an older version of Percy: fussy about rule-breaking and fond of bossing everyone around. However, Bill was -- there was no other word for it -- cool. He was tall, with long hair that he had tied back in a ponytail. He was wearing an earring with what looked like a fang dangling from it. Bill's clothes would not have looked out of place at a rock concert, except that Harry recognized his boots to be made, not of leather, but of dragon hide. Chapter 5, GoF

He has 5 tattoos (that he's told me about). His first (a Muggle tattoo) is a blue Gemini symbol on his right forearm that he got when he was 15 in memory of his twin uncles who died five years before. On his upper left arm he has two stylised dragons facing one another with the the Welsh word for brothers (brodyr) between them. The large double work is the wizarding tattoos of an Egyptian lion on each shoulderblade, done when completed his first major assignment for the Ministry. In the summer of 1996 he adds a black jackal to his right hip. This is a pale eyed, red collared Anubis, the Egyptial god that guides new souls to their rest in the afterlife. His marriage to Fleur is marked by a curving stalk of foxglove around his left nipple.

After Greyback's attack, Bill's face is very disfigured (as we are told in HBP). As they are cursed, the wounds never fully heal so his scars stay bright and twisted. Much of the damage is to his left side: scars over his eye, a missing chunk of his cheek, a broken and torn nose. He is missing half of his left ear as well and has a large bite mark on his throat. The fate of his fang earring is currently unknown. His hair was cut back shorter afterwards, though he's determined to grow it out again.

Bill is very straightforward and typically very jovial. He's prone to chuckling more than anything and has an easy and ready grin. He'll tease or joke with the best of intentions. But cross him on people he cares about and he will flash to anger very easily.

Bill loves being the oldest brother and despite any comments at the time, did enjoy watching the others on his own. He treasures Ginny but worries about her a lot, though he's glad she will confide in him. He's very proud of the twins and very much supports what they've done with their life. Ron and Percy perplex him. Ron just because he was gone a lot while Ron grew up. And Percy because Bill thinks he is a DE imposter is willingly under the Imperius is an alien has forgotten the importance of family.

He's closest to Charlie out of the siblings, having shared a room with him, and he doesn't feel quite whole unless Charlie's around. Gideon and Fabian teased them about being honorary twins but Bill's taken that very seriously. Charlie is the one person who Bill feels comfortable telling everything to, including his fears. He'll tell Fleur everything too, but somethings she has to ask about; he wants to protect her, wants to seem strong for her. Naturally this probably bites him in the arse a lot.

He's rather lazy with things that don't interest him, much to the chagrin of parents and professors.

Hogwarts Years:
First: 1982/1983
Second: 1983/1984
Third: 1984/1985
Fourth: 1985/1986
Fifth: 1986/1987
Sixth: 1987/1988
Seventh: 1988/1989
(Head Boy)

Occupation: Curse-breaker

Bill's first magic was to make himself sticky. He apparently used it to climb into Charlie's cot while Gideon and Fabian watched. They let him sit and inspect Charlie for a bit before Fabian took Bill out. The toddler managed to get stuck to his uncle for over an hour. It took him a while to learn to control the magic and would occasionally stick himself to various people or things (most frequently to Charlie when they were fighting and most notably Augustus Rookwood in Hyde Park). He's learned to control that enough that he can use it in his job and occasionally can stick people's hands to floors, walls, headboards, etc. ;)

He's best at Charms, DADA, Arithmancy, but he did earn OWLS in all twelve subjects so he's very capable.

Yes, he is madly, hopelessly in love with Fleur and it's not just because she's part Veela. He loves her attitude, her strength, her intelligence, her ability to best him in duels, her inability to armwrestle without cheating, her huge collection of lacy knickers, her various pairs of boots, and her utter femininity even when she's wearing his clothes.

As for before her...
Bill is a hopeless flirt. He'll flirt with everyone as a way of showing that he likes them. This means he'll hit on people he's actually very attracted to, but also people he is genuinely fond of, like Moody.

Bill's first relationship was with Owen Wood, Oliver's older brother. Then he was involved with a brother and sister (Mbizi and Mesi) in Egypt before returning to England again. He had a more casual relationship with Sirius at Grimmauld Place, before becoming more serious with Fleur.

Bill loves everyone he sleeps with, even if it's a one-night stand. It's just who he is. Even if that makes him a soppy queer, Sirius.

More to come!
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