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twolions's Journal

Bill Weasley
29 November 1970
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Oldest and coolest of the infamous Weasley Seven here. Until I have a chance to write up a proper bio, I'm using this space for a few notes.

Oh yes, and about the lions. Look at the cartouche. That's my name. Figure it out from there, alright?

Notes to Family:

Dad~ Rubber ducks are developed from the ancient practice of using live ducks to wash with in preparation for ceremonial adultery and have now become synonomous with orgies. The same is true of Muggle plugs.

Mum~ You're just jealous of my hair. And my quality taste in jewelry.

Charlie~ Thanks for the earring. You're right. It's making Mum mental.

Percy~ Get your head out of your arse, you git. Mum misses you.

Fred and George~ Very funny. Ha. Ha. Ha. You're gnome food when I see you next.

Ron~ Don't die. Really. It's the best advice your eldest brother has for you. That and don't come home the night you lose your virginity. Come stay with me. Otherwise, Mum. Will. Know. It's uncanny.

Ginny~ I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me.

Bill Weasley is played by pre_raphaelite1 at hex_files All icons were made by her. NO STEALING!